Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Day 5

Shirt: J. Crew, gift from mom's closet
Shorts: Old Navy, thrifted 
(for "shorts" read: this is me, going out on a limb for fashion week and generally feeling like it failed!)  Upon looking at the pictures...I these shorts need to go?  Or do I need to tuck my shirt in?  Help!

Necklace: Gifted from my mom in 1997 when I went on a mission trip to Tiajana, Mexico to build houses and lead VBS.  It is a working compass, so that my heart would still know where home was (aww, it means more to me now that I am a momma and can better understand how hard it must have been to send your 17-yr-old out of the country for two weeks)

Shoes: Mudd, $1 garage sale find

In full disclosure, this was me running out the door this morning trying to make sure we had my mom completely packed up and trying to make it to soccer on time:
Shirt: J.Jill, also gifted from mom's closet
Shoes: Keen walking sandals, gifted from a friend's closet
Hat: Thrifted, as seen in Wednesday's post.
Poodle: Not mine.

It is only worth noting that Soren decided to wear a tie to soccer and hunted down his power tie.  
He takes his work seriously.

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  1. Ahahahaha! I'm lovin' the power tie. You can let your son know that keeping up the tie act will definitely impress the ladies further down the road.

    And sweet necklace, love sentimental pieces.

  2. Katie - I love the ties. He has a growing collection. I am suspicious he will keep it up.

    You should look back at this post:

    and this post:

    Billi - Thank you! I recently rediscovered it in the bottom of my jewelry box!

  3. Awwwww! What a sweet necklace + story. Happy Friday!

  4. Oh, the necklace is SO special and you Mom must be, too, giving it to you for this occasion.

    Soren and his tie is just too funny. I think on returning to work on Monday I will think "power tie" whenever I see all of my male colleagues *giggle*

  5. Thanks, Rachael!

    Appletree - My mom is pretty special. It was fun to have her here during fashion week (she lives in the Seattle area, 5 hours north of me). She went home yesterday.

    Soren is funny. I could probably do a whole post about his weird clothing preferences. I am so glad you will have something to giggle about Monday morning! tee hee!

  6. That necklace is so special and it has a sweet story to go along with it. :)

    I love the picture of Soren's tie and that the caption below reads "Poodle: Not mine." That made me laugh.

    Since you asked for advice on your outfit, here's some:

    I love the tank top (we were matching!) but I think the shorts don't necessarily go with it. Both the top and the shorts are a loose fit. I think the outfit would look more "put together" if the shorts were tighter (with the looser tank top) or you chose a well-fit top to go with the shorts.

    I think you're cute no matter what you wear, and I hope I didn't offend in any way!

  7. Charlotte! Thank you. Seriously, you could not offend. I needed to know what was wrong with those shorts. I will have to try again - but well-fit tops scare me a little (and tend to show off my enormous nursing boobs, which makes me and hubby a little uncomfortable!). The shorts may still have to go....or be relegated to beach wear.

    I am glad the poodle comment brought a laugh! It is my mom's dog. They got him the year I moved out of the house, so I have very little affection for him.