Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Day 4

Penny Today
Summer One Suit: Carter's hand-me-down
Hat: Under The Nile
Ribbon (saved from something, perhaps from Christmas?)
Clip (to hold the ribbon, that is tied to the hat - which keeps the hat with us on adventures): HABA

Exploring the yard (visually) together

Me Today
Wrap: Old Navy, thrifted 
(The wrap keeps the tank more modest without losing the coolness factor.  
It also makes a great nursing cover)
Tank: "Great Northwest" from Fred Meyer 
(I have one in 5 different colors, I love it when staples are on sale)
Skirt: Gap, thrifted
Necklace: Claire's (The 20 for $10 sale from years ago that I mentioned yesterday)

Shoes: Dansko, from a good friend's closet 
(lucky me, her long legs made these too wobbly, my legs are just right!)

For more summer fashion inspiration, go check out the other ladies!


  1. the wrap is so creative. very nice!

  2. The wrap is great! These fashion posts are so fun.

  3. Chelsea - Thanks! It was the perfect cover for today's heat!

    Cydney & Heather - Thanks! I often wonder what my "regular audience" thinks when I do "fashion" posts! It really is fun to look at my wardrobe anew (and consider if I would wear my daily clothes if I had to post pictures of them. A good purging followed last fall's Fashion Week.)

  4. That wrap is so visually interesting. (Does that even make sense?) I love the textures in it.

    Fashion weeks are good for a critical look at one's closet. Purgings (and subsequent trips to thrift stores/Goodwill) are a healthy part of fashion! ;)

  5. This is such an aesthetically pleasing outfit! Like you should be picnicking on a hillside after you just finished a painting or something.

  6. Charlotte - It was visually interesting to me too, I think that is a good way to describe it. Yes, fashion week is actually quite practical! =)

    Rachael - Thank you! I love your description. That is totally how I felt out and about (stopping at a hillside park) yesterday.

  7. You and Penny -- both so cute! Looks like you're having fun. I've wanted to ask if your little ones might have interest in any stuffed toys from Victoria that are looking for good homes. Have you ever done a toy fashion week? ;o)

  8. Penn! That little hoo nose and perfect profile...swoon.
    Can't wait for our girlies to meet (in November?)

  9. Deanna - Thanks! I think Penny is my best accessory. My little ones would love to interview your stuffed toys and see if they might make a good fit here in the Scrivner home =)

    Autumn - I was SO happy to catch her profile in this shot. November!?! Oh we should take them out to tea...I'll chat with Summer and get something in the works for a girls&moms day out.