Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Day 3

Today was casual. 

Soren's Shirt: Children's Place, thrifted 
Shorts: OshKosh, thrifted
Hat and Shoes: Momma's (both thrifted!)

My tee: French Laundry
Skirt: Apostrophe, thrifted 
(This is hard to see in the pictures, but the skirt is a light cotton/linen with two large pleats in the front.  I love the simplicity!)
Shoes: Jeep (J-41), from friend's closet
Hat: Thrifted

Penny's Summery two-piece: Gap, Hand-me-down

Elliot: Was sleeping at time of photo shoot

(Truck in the background: Andrew's new job)

Fashion week always puts me in better touch with my closet and options.  I have realized that my new hair cut is going to open a whole new world of hats to me.  I also realized I lack in the accessory department.  Time to dig back through the jewelry box and to hit up a summer sale at Claire's (most of my clunky summer jewelry came from a 20 for $10 sale 7ish years ago...yes, I think that means it is time to update).

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