Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Day 1

Remember when we did this last fall?  There might have been a winter and spring version, but I think I was in the middle of moving (yes, in winter and in spring!).  So I'll try to play again this week.  Emery is hosting this blog event.  My mother is here (yay!), which should mean I have no excuse for not getting dressed each morning.  My mother being here might even mean that fashion week will introduce a new hair style.  Hint: My sister is having a 20's themed wedding in October.

So today, a nice cool day after a heat wave:

Dress: "Velvet" brand, thrifted
Belt: Grosgrain ribbon I saved off the wrapping of a blanket my sister brought years ago
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Steve Madden, thrifted
Purse: 100% Corn husk, thrifted

I love this little dress though.  It is perfect for summer, and especially summer here in the Pacific Northwest when you never really know what the weather will bring (cold mornings and hot afternoons?).  It's a good thing this dress can be worn so many different ways!  It also pairs well with my brown, MaryJane Danskos and my $12 brown gap bow flats (difficult to see below).

What are you wearing today?  Want to play along?


  1. I love that you're participating! I also love wearing dresses over pants and you pull it off perfectly.

    A 20's themed wedding? Sounds fun! You should get a short, flapper haircut. :)

  2. Charlotte - Where is your pic for the day!? This is my first "dress over pants" attempt, but I think this dress just begs for it.

    Yes, I am thinking could be a disaster, but hey, hair grows back, right?

  3. That dress is great! And no kidding about the Pacific Northwest weather. Layering is non-optional, because it's probably going to be cold, hot, and rainy, all in the same day!

  4. Thanks Noelle - Yes, the weather keeps it interesting! It's a good thing layering is fashionable.

  5. I so love the shirt over jeans look and I NEVER think to do it myself. You've inspired me! (Though I can't promise you I won't forget again...)

  6. Your dress is so cool - perfect for over jeans too.

  7. Cute! Can't play along this time, but next time I will!

  8. I can't believe how thrifty yet well-put together your outfit is (saving the ribbon was genius). I'm also excited to see your hair each day.

  9. Thanks Ladies! I love "fashion week" because it helps me look at my wardrobe in a new way.

    Cydney - Definitely join us next time!

    Rachael - It makes me quite happy when several thrifted pieces come together well. I am hoping for new hair tomorrow sometime!