Thursday, July 1, 2010

Interview's Revisited

I found this in the draft box and thought it was worth revisiting.  Remember Soren's original interview?  Well, later that day they wanted to do it again with Elliot.  Below is the second go round, from back in January.  It would be interesting to do it again, now 6 months later, and see what answers have changed.  But for good measure (and mainly because Elliot cracks me up) here is the outdated post:

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Soren - A conductor, who has a farm, and I'll get married.
Elliot - A goat!   A noodle!!

Who is your favorite grown-up?
Soren - Daddy
Elliot - Mommy

Who is your favorite baby?
Soren - Penny
Elliot - Octopus

Do you want any more brothers or sisters?
Soren -Yes
Elliot - Yes

What would you name your brothers and sisters?
Soren -Pinocchios
Elliot - Computers (I think he was mesmerized by the fact I was typing all of their answers into the computer)

How old do you think Daddy is?
Soren - I think he's 41.
Elliot - (blank stare, since Soren just blurted the answer)

How old do you think Mommy is?
Soren -28 (I think he missed my last birthday)
Elliot - (same blank stare)

What is your favorite thing to do?
Soren - Go to the park!
Elliot - Hit you

Elliot, really?
Elliot - No.

Soren, What do you think Elliot will be when he grows up?
Soren - A burgler  (this comes from a Berenstain bears video they watched)

Elliot, What do you think Soren will be when he grows up?
Elliot - Nothing

What do you think Penelope will be when she grows up?
Soren - She'll go to the park with me, she'll get married, and she'll do whatever her kids want her to do.  They'll show her what they made and then they'll put it away when they're done.  Then they'll pull out a huge block set and build a castle!
Elliot - Type on the computer.

What does love feel like?
Soren - You hugging me and kissing me and loving me and playing games with me.
Elliot - Typing

When you grow up, where will you live?
Soren - In hillsboro.
Elliot - (nothing, bordering on complete loss of interest)

What is your favorite word?
Soren - (had moved onto finding blocks to build a castle)
Elliot -Stupid!


  1. Elliot is going to be a comedian. Love this post. Really wanted to interview kids for my dissertation, but the IRB approval would have been too complicated for my timeline. It's in the cards for the future!

  2. That might really be his calling. He is hilarious. Kids would have made a very intriguing element in your dissertation! Keep me posted on the future interviews.