Friday, July 9, 2010

Favorite Things Fridays: Routines

I know it sounds perfectly boring to say that one of my favorite things is routine, but it is true.  I wrote a post on the wonder of monotony earlier this year, so I will try not to repeat that here.  We have been living with constantly changing routines for a while now and this week was our first week with Andrew's new job.  One job, not four different piece meal jobs happening at sporadic times with inconsistent hours, just one simple job with the same start time and same end time, Monday through Friday.

What a gift!  I know when he will be home and I can plan my pick-up efforts around that time so that he can walk into an inviting home at the end of his work day.  I can plan meals around the same time each day.  I know when he will need a lunch (M-F).  I know when we are available for social activities.  Who knows what such normalcy could bring!?  It is refreshing.

What are your favorite things?  Please consider joining us in Favorite Things Fridays, and leave your link below!


  1. I've always been a person who favors not having a routine, in general. But scattered within my lack of schedule, I always find a lot of pleasure in weekly engagements. Sushi Friday is one. My weekly Le Tigre visit is another. When I lived in Gainesville, I met a friend on Thursdays for dinner and latin dancing, until he met his now wife in the class :) I love walking Mowgli on the same route and each year, on my birthday, my sister and I enact a Disney ritual. There's something peaceful and also sentimental about having some routine. Doing the same thing every day though, such as working in a cubicle . . . that's really hard for me.

  2. As of March this year, Jordan and I both have regular jobs, with normal working hours, and weekends off. We've never had this type of normalcy in our relationship, and we are relishing it. We know we can handle being apart (when we got married, he worked 1st shift and I worked 2nd, it wasn't much fun), but it is nice to have a schedule to plan around!

    No favorite things post, sorry! I had to share an epic tale from our vacation.

  3. Cydney - Yes, the idea of working in a cubicle every day would drive me a little batty. I am still struggling to find a way to describe the beauty I see in having some things in life be "scheduled". For the most part, my days are very free and unscheduled. The freedom is part of the schedule. However, there are regular meal and nap windows. Those are important to the sanity of my little ones. I think my husband's current job is a perfect fit for him because it is never the same thing each day. One day it might be painting, one day estimating (and always for a different house and project), another day repairs, another day new construction, etc.

    I think when you don't work (outside the house), it can be too unstructured. There is something comforting about not having to invent the wheel every day, but there is also something important about having the freedom to create spontaneously, too. It is difficult to find the balance! But knowing when we can have family time is great.

    Charlotte - OH MY GOODNESS. I read your epic tale. So scary! I hope you are recovering well - in the midst of your normalcy =) I have a serious fear of bugs in my ears/nose. I have heard too many horror stories.

    I sing a little song to my kids about bugs (that I struggle to actually believe):

    Don't worry, they're not after you.
    Every little bug's got a job to do.
    They're busy, working all the time,
    in the air and under the ground.

    They help the world go 'round and 'round.
    They help the world go 'round.