Friday, July 16, 2010

Favorite Things Fridays: Community

There are so many reasons I am grateful we live here in Eugene.  Most of them are people.  We moved down here to be back in the church community that surrounds my alma mater.  I am so grateful for my church.  I appreciate the freedom in our communirt to live, and love, and learn from one another.  I love the grace that comes from everyone acknowledging that we are all broken.  I so enjoy bible study with good friends that almost always involves good food and drink.  I love women's nights and book groups.  I love that a few other alumni and I are leading discussions this summer that are open to the community and revisiting the great questions of western civilization as posed by Plato, Dostovevsky, Kierkegaard, and Ellul.  I am so excited for our evolving Family Music Night and knowing that I grapple through parenthood with so many other wise people near by.

Today my great reminder of community was at the informal soccer playdate we've been enjoying each Friday morning for the last three weeks.  Having a village in which to raise my children is the best gift of all.  Of course, there are people I wish we here in my village, and that I miss dearly, and who are truly still a part of my village, just extended (you know who you are).  It is watching my children thrive in my community that really makes my heart swell.  There is nothing so wonderful as to see other people love your children well (even when that love looks like instruction).  Today was the last soccer playdate, and it was a lovely day to visit with the other momma's.  Summer grabbed my little point-and-shoot and caught a few shots from the day that I get to share.

What about you?  What is one of your favorite things?  Do you have a community?  Please join us for Favorite Things Fridays!


  1. Funny, I had a week last week that reminded me of the importance of community as well . . . and what a great one I have in Madison :)

  2. Cydney - So glad you have a wonderful community too! Thanks for commenting and reminding me I need to get the next post up!