Thursday, December 3, 2009

Uses for Walnut Shells: Part 2

Hidden Treasures on the tree for Christmas morning
(these are still missing their hanging thread)
Fold up a dollar and glue shut!
(could also work for earrings or some such thing)

Part three still coming (for the shells that did not remain intact)


  1. Cute! What did you paint them with?

    My mom sent me a box with unshelled walnuts in it, and I have been shelling them the past few evenings and saving my unbroken shells. Now I'm going to have to save the broken ones too until I find out what your creative idea is for them!

  2. cute!
    Also, I'll be over on christmas morning to score a hidden treasure, haha

  3. Melanie - I used some acrylic paint leftovers (bought from the used craft supply warehouse here, MECCA). I had ideas for making them all look like strawberries, but I didn't have the right hues (and no white). I could imagine them as pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns too, for a fall treat.

    Keep those broken bits!

    Meg - Come on over! (actually, we'll be in Seattle for Christmas, if all goes according to plan) Extra incentive: one of them holds a $5. Happy hunting! (too bad I don't even remember which one it is....I think it's one of the blue shades...)