Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Once again I have missed the Christmas card sending window. Once again I comfort myself with the notion of sending New Years cards instead. Once again I know that won't really happen and I think determinedly of next year. Ah, next year, what potential you hold. Can you change me into the kind of woman who sends out lovely Christmas cards to all her kith and kin?


In the mean time, I did make lovely gift tags using fabric scraps (some from clothes that don't fit anymore) and left over card stock from my wedding invitations (from oh, six years ago. There are perks to ordering too many invitations, this is probably the 4th project I have tackled with the leftovers and I still have more). The inspiration came from here (p.s. I think this same idea could work for great birthday cards where the cut outs were balloons instead of ornaments).

Forgive my lack of card sending. I do wish to send one to each of you. You have my thoughts and this post in lieu of feeling card stock between your fingers and saving the holiday stamp (or am I the only one saving stamps anymore?).

Merry Christmas! May you treasure the gift of a hope that will not disappoint that was given to us some 2009ish years ago.


  1. I didn't send cards either, Marianne. But if I had I'd send a beautiful one to you.

    Merry Christmas to all five of you! I hope we get together in 2010 much much more than we did this year.

  2. I didn't send cards, or birth announcements...or nearly enough thank yous.... I suck. oh well, something to aim for I guess.

  3. awe man these are so cute! We have sent out Christmas cards twice in our 9 years of marriage...I keep thinking the same thing...maybe next year...
    Hey I've got an idea...this summer we will have a christmas card making and addressing party and then in November we will have another one for writing christmas letters, stuffing and stamping...we'll have our Christmas cards waiting to be dropped in the mail by Dec. 15 on the dot. Deal?
    It is always easier with accountability no?

  4. Thanks Cherie! Glad to know I'm not the only non-card sender. And yes, let's get together LOTS in 2010!

    Autumn, you have a VERY good excuse! I didn't send birth announcements until I included the stats of the other kids too.

    Summer - That is a fabulous idea! Together we can make this happen. Oh I am excited.

  5. I thought about Christmas cards, and couldn't think of anything to put in them that people didn't already know either through the blog or through me, so I saved the stamps :)

  6. Sarah - That is a very good point. It is probably part of my lack of motivation. Of course, a photo of the kids for people's refrigerator would probably make a few of my friends and family happy.

  7. These are very cute! I want to make these with various scraps of paper I have saved.

  8. Melanie - Thanks! That's a great idea. I want to come up with something similar for birthday cards this year. We shall see!