Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Thrid Anniversary of Søren's Birth Day!

Good morning "I am tree!"

He specifically requested I take a picture of "ducky" and "Edgar" holding hands.

Although his official party is not until later this week, today was the actual birthday. He requested "Aunt Summer's goat farm", which, gratefully, we could oblige. He requested this without even knowing what surprises would greet him there. They are getting ready for major construction so that they can start selling this cheese (and others), which has left major construction equipment within reach:

Søren "driving" the bull dozer.

This reminded us that he is still quite little.

This frightened us that he looks a little bit like George Bush.

Then it was on to the pinnacle of machinery, the track hoe.

He was VERY excited about this.


Realizing that these machines make us all look small.

Settling onto something a little more manageable.

Several other momma's have shared their birth stories on their children's birthday's, and that might be coming, but not tonight.


  1. a-door-a-ble. And Happy Day of Birth Soren!

  2. George Bush! I cracked up!

    Boys love the big toys - why, my husband grew up to work on them so he gets to PLAY everyday. (He may tell it differently, but it's still a Playhouse to him. ;)

    Happy Birthday, little Soren! You're gem.

  3. I cracked up too!

    Happy Belated, Sir Søren!

  4. It is true- the only thing that changes about boys when they grow to men is the size of their toys.

    I do believe that I have seen grown men looking just as happy in their tractors.

  5. Thanks Leah,

    Jo Anna - yeah, the guy that owns these is retired - but digs up people's yards for fun.

  6. Cherie - I just realized I never responded to you! Good to know we weren't the only people recognizing the Bush-likeness. Does Tom work on heavy machinery? Andrew started drooling and talking about how quickly he could learn to operate one of them. I love seeing the play come out in my husband!