Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photo Update!

I was ambitious last month. I decided to take a train trip up to Seattle with the boys...just the little boys, sans husband. I thought the train would be cheaper and easier on us than a 3 1/2 hour car ride. may have been cheaper, and it was probably FAR more interesting for them, but I don't think "easier" is the word I would use to describe it. What I first thought of the train I thought about how we could all sit next to each other, and I could read to them, and we could play, and we could even take bathroom breaks without stopping and go for little walks from time to time.


What I didn't think about was the fact that the train ride up would be completely full, and full of adults without children, who wanted to sleep. We were also placed in one of the seats that face the other peoples seats, so gratefully there were two young women seated accross from us who didn't mind (or didn't show it) getting their feet stepped on from time to time, or cars and books dropped on them. I had high hopes of them sleeping away half the travel time because I planned the trip over nap time. No, it was far too exciting on the train, and neither slept, nor even enjoyed the calm that sometimes substitutes sleep. Elliot, was not excited about being stuck in one little place either. I felt like I was on a constant adrenalin rush trying to keep them happy and quiet for four hours. When we arrived in Seattle, six people turned to me and complemented the boys on how well they did (this was nicer than some of the things I heard women murmur to each other behind me as we went for a walk down to the dining car. Things like "what is she thinking bringing small children on a train alone?" or "I'm just glad they're not in our car").

The ride home was better and worse. The train was much emptier, and we actually enjoyed a group of four seats all to ourselves for the entire trip! The boys, and myself, fell asleep for the first hour (from complete are coming to fill in the non-travel elements of our get-a-way). I roused at one point quite excited that they were actually asleep and actually got to do some reading. Unfortunately, at one of the stops Soren was jolted out of his sleep in a non-rested, non-awake state of mind. This creates only one response: scream crying. Lovely. Especially lovely for everyone else in our car (none of whom, mind you, complemented us when the ride was over). I took Soren out to the space between cars to try to help him wake up and calm down. Really, the crying only lasted five minutes. Unfortunately, no one, not even your own mother, wants to hear you cry for five minutes. Once he woke up life was alright again - dare I say pleasant - for the remaining trip home. Even, when the last 2 hours took 3 instead because of track construction and a late train coming up from California. Ug. It was so nice to get home. The boys (and I) were quite excited to see their Daddy.

Lesson learned: Do not travel with car seats. Trucking around two car seats, a double stroller, our luggage, toiletries, diaper/entertainment bag, and my purse was not fun for either of the short time periods I had to have it all with us. Next time I'll make sure our transport comes equipped with their own car seats. (though, if you must, the train station was very pleasant about checking everything).

Now, onto the fun stuff! What makes Seattle worth all that trouble are the people in the following photographs:

We were picked up by "Gigi" and "Papi" for dinner
Soren, a little dazed, and yes, he fell on his face the day before, with Gigi and Aunt Jen.
Jen and her Beau, Matt


Elliot who finally made time to nap.

Then we hit the streets of Seattle for a little adventure.
Jen and Soren get ready to look famous.

Elliot gives Gigi the walking tour.

We quickly found the water.

The boys loved it.

It was a lovely lovely day to be by the water.
Elliot trying his darnedest to chaperon.

Then it was off to a park for a closer look.

Elliot made his way too.
Soren got to work getting all these rocks back out in the water.
Elliot, just wanted water...and got a wave full up in his face.
He then decided to appreciate the water from higher ground.

While we were there cool people did this:

Okay. More on day two to come.


  1. Wow! When you said you took the train, I assumed it was all four of you. You survived to tell the tale, and I look forward to more pictures!

  2. I love Elliot's sweet little face in that last picture!

  3. Maria - time, it will be the four of us! Perhaps more pictures tomorrow =)

    Leah - I know! I love that photo too. He looks so melancholy, but really, he was having a blast.

  4. I think we are a lot alike - whenever I picture being a mother, it is always like you describe: blissful scenes of us all enjoying being together, the children not acting like children.

    It's good to hear you say you enjoy it (sans crying), even though it does not play out like your visions.

  5. Mel - There are good moments that look like the fantasy...but yes, they are children. There has been nothing more rewarding and good for my overall growth as motherhood. It is hard, but satisfying, work.