Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photo Update, pt 2

So...after our train adventure and dinner with the family, we came and crashed at a dear friends house and settled in for some good visiting.

Soren and Indy at 7:00am

Indy explaining existentialism.

This beautiful girl enjoying muffin bites.

Lunch date at the park

I love these little people!

Discovering a nearby fountain we were later told wasn't treated -
but thus far we all seem just fine!

Enjoying the water

Next we were off to the Sunday market on Capital Hill to enjoy some produce shopping and a little dancing to the live music.

Back at our friend's house for some engineering with lovely lovely blocks that have me saving for our own collection.

Then it was time to be out-numbered for serious play.

Delightful Kate joined us!

It was a kid haven.

This little lady enjoyed all the commotion, and was a peach the whole time.

My own sleep-deprived children were pretty peachy too.

The momma's got in some good laughs as well, and Laurie enjoyed Sabine while hoping that the little one she is currently building will be a little sister so sweet (spoon voted girl).

After reviewing the photos, and missing my friends, I think I would have to say, yes, the train was indeed worth it.


  1. oh dear how I miss you!
    Thank you for braving the train. We were blessed by your presence.

  2. Thanks for the cute pictures of very cute people. Such adventures and fond memories with the little ones, who keep sprouting right up there.

  3. Summer - The missing is quite mutual, and I am sure we will brave the train again - or find a way to burn something other than $4.20 a gallon gas so we can come see you.

    Deanna - Very welcome. They are sprouting up...and I increasingly understand how it all happens too soon!