Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nature Walk and/or Berry Slaughtering

Today we meandered the Rock Creek Trail near by on a search for black berries.

Two of my men loom in the distance:

While I stroll with the treasure:

We found this berry slaughterer. You might think this child looks full:

But this is what happened when he didn't get the "more" he requested:

Vicious creatures roam these trails! Watch out.


  1. This looks like it was quite fun. :) Melanie and I took a bike ride near the river today and slaughtered some blackberries of our own... yumyum!

  2. Erin -
    It was quite fun. We only wished we had been berry picking last weekend, as many of the berries were so ripe we couldn't get them off the vines without smashing, they were a bit messy for the boys as well =)
    So glad you are able to get in some sister time.

  3. is he still pink and purple today?

  4. Meg - No, he washed up surprisingly well! We'll see if the clothes do the same =)