Saturday, August 16, 2008

Morning Musing

With Soren, I carefully lead him (so I thought) down a path towards personhood. I invested so much time in equipping him to communicate, showing him how to enjoy life's little blessings of music, dance, and laughter. I helped him learn to crawl, to dance, to keep time, to walk, to run, to jump. The path from infancy to kid-dom looked to me like a bit of an incline, and I wanted to hold his hand, keep him steady, and help him make good time.

With Elliot I have marveled in the wonder of infancy, reveling in it's simplicity and beauty. I have intentionally not worked AT ALL on helping him walk. I have loved having a baby. Of course, we have still wanted to help him communicate and enjoy life, but I still have this elder one who consumes so much of my energy (and was so used to my utter and complete devotion before the arrival of his brother). There is much less time spent reading, much less time spent sitting for hours on the floor talking about colors and shapes as we build towers and nest blocks and sort them into their appropriately-shaped holes. Yet somehow, it is as if the hill from infancy to kid-dom is a decline for him, and he has decided to somersault down it while I thought we could stretch it out since I wasn't holding his hand up it.

Now here he is, toddling after his brother around the house. Climbing with ease over and on everything. Coming and grabbing me and pointing outside and saying "go". He conducts with equally good time-keeping as his brother. He understands the humor and delight in life better than the rest of us at times. He is opinionated and loud about it. He waves and nods and shakes his head to communicate with people, and has a remarkable ability to understand everything we say. He's 14 months old and already we have to spell things around him. He is completely devoted to his Daddy and brother. Nothing makes him happier than the sight of the whole family around the table. He is social, vocal, dexterous, capable - and I had little to do with it.

The fact of the matter is, I thought I could speed things up for Soren, and I hoped I might be able to slow things down with Elliot and savor them more. Truth is, they come out fully human. They don't need a lot of help, just plenty of love and some opportunity.


  1. Each his own person! Such an adventure you're on, and you express so many things well.

  2. Thanks Deanna, yes, quite an adventure getting to know these remarkable individuals.