Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eugene Homecoming

First, in preparation for our Eugene trip, we let Søren practice dressing himself. This is what he came up with:
Quite lovely huh? Yes folks, this boy was born in Springfield, OR

A fun little hair-do to go with it!

Enjoying the well timed road trip,

The good navigator,

Our other sleeper

Enjoying a burger at High Street with a cold-water extract au lait from Full City

Fun was had by all

Søren enjoying a honey packet - not a cigarette.

Oh yeah, I was there too.

After this we enjoyed the Gutenberg College graduation, and saw so many beloved people during the ceremony and reception. For the only picture I have seen there see this blog friend's post.

The next morning was a lovely Homecoming brunch where I got to visit many old familiar faces of people I love.

We stayed in the pop-up trailer of beloved friends (see photos below), and though my allergies attempted to shut down my system (I am still recovering) from so much time playing (and sleeping) outdoors - it was worth every minute.

Speaking of allergies in Eugene, I have heard the following "facts" over the last week concerning this matter:

When the explorers came to the Willamette Valley, they called it Death Valley, or Valley of Illness.

The Willamette Valley - and specifically the Lane county section (home to Eugene) - is second only to the Nile River Valley in Africa for most allergens in the world.

40% of people will develop Asthma within 7 years of living in Eugene (this might also have to do with the paper mills that proliferate a few miles north - I am not sure).

Of course, while all of the above may be true, I heard them only as folk fact from other allergy sufferers. I am also sure that if someone lived in Eugene, drinking local raw milk, eating local raw honey, and buying local produce and local grass-fed meat and poultry, they would not experience allergies since they would be inoculated from all the local food. However, if you are visiting Eugene, and are allergen prone, perhaps you'd better track down the local bee Pollen first thing! That's what I'm doing from now on.

Okay! On to the rest of the pictures of the dear friends who always let us stay at their house even though they inevitably already have family in town for a visit (who have now basically become family to us as well).

Cassie and Ayla take their usual places.
Ryan and Phaedrus are ready for anything.
Søren makes himself at home in the kitchen with Cassie's mom.

Elliot wonders if these two are related...
...what do you think?

When we finally came home the boys quickly took to their usual places:
Elliot scavenging under the table.

Søren conducting

Speaking of which, Søren's conducting obsession is still in full swing, after nearly a year. I think this qualifies as a genuine interest, so I have big plans to find him an instructor this summer and a 1/32 violin to rent as a gift for his third birthday in August. Hopefully we will find some more live symphonies to attend as well.


  1. This was a tremendously enjoyable post, M. The pictures are so personal and candid. I love them! Soren shows his Springfield roots in his choice of clothing. PERFECT! He'll fit right into our fair - sniff sniff cough hack ah-choo - valley of death.

    I've been living here for over 20 years and while never having a smidgeon of allergy-type trouble all my life, I do have bouts here now and then of itchy eyes, sniffles, and sometimes it's worse than that. But mostly, no prob! Same with Tom and the kids. But I think you may have given me a clue as to why we suffer less. We drink only local milk and eat local meat. Maybe our instincts serve us better than even we know.

    Any way, thanks for a fun post sharing your good times!

  2. Hey, blogging friend! I agree the pictures tell a great story. Oh, and we bought a bottle of Kombucha yesterday! I'm drinking some of it each day now. Do you know if it helps get rid of colds? (No allergies here, but a genuine virus, bleh.)

  3. Cherie - So glad you enjoyed the photos! We did have a lovely time in the fair valley of death =)

    Thanks also for your testimony to the allergy saving strategy of eating locally. Well done!

    Deanna - If it is true Kombucha, it is a tremendous immune booster, and should definitely help you kick your cold faster. I might also suggest kicking sugar while you're sick and taking Cod Liver Oil. How do you like it?

  4. A strong vinegary taste, but I actually like it. And my cold's much better today. Guess I can skip the cod liver oil for now. Maybe next time.

  5. Yeah, I have heard people liken it to apple-cider vinegar. The very first time I made it, I poured the whole batch down the drain because I was sure I had ruined it the smell was so strange.

    I am glad you are feeling better!

  6. I must say, there's one thing I love about the East Coast: not a trace of allergies!!

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