Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last Moments from Life Before Elliot

Enjoying life as Gigi's sole grandchild.

Simple bath time supervision...note the wine glass in the background.

Always knowing where Elliot is,
i.e. not having to keep track of two kids at the same time.

Plenty of parental attention for Søren.

A coming of age celebration as Dad brings Søren his first stick on tattoo (he was quite proud of it, but then promptly wanted it removed. I hope this means I won't have to worry about loud tattoos anytime in the near future).


  1. So is that your mom in the first pic? Yes, enjoy this way of things, but look forward to the ever-approaching new. Take care. :o)

  2. Talk about being in the moment! Way to go, M.

    Photos you cherish now - and in the future.


  3. I can not believe your belly! I don't know how to describe it, cause it isn't huge, it's more just sticking waaay out.

    I can't wait for Elliot! He is going to be such an adorable peanut, watch out Soren, you're going to have some competition for cutest in the house.

  4. Deanna - Yes, that is my mom in the first pic. She's quite fond of being a grandma and looking forward to a new baby.

    Cherie - The moment is all we really have right?

    Meg - Andrew can't wait for Elliot; he is starting to get visibly worked up in anticipation. I feel kinda bad for the guy, he SO wants another baby to hold.

  5. I've heard several women say that they've gone into labor after having a relaxing pedicure. It's worth a try. Your belly is truly amazing. I think Scott said it best, "She's just all baby."