Monday, June 11, 2007

For those who wonder

We had our tests today to confirm that the baby isn't at risk of some terrible fate by my insistence to continue waiting. There is plenty of fluid, the placenta is fine, and the baby is healthy and developing just fine. Oh, and the ultrasound loudly confirmed that Elliot is a male, just as the spoon has assured us.

I have another mysterious appointment Wednesday - if we need it - to do some balloon thing that is supposed to naturally induce labor.


  1. ohhh, mysterious procedures to induce labor, i love it!

  2. Thanks for keeping the updates coming. The test results are reassuring, and I hope any mysterious procedures achieve the projected outcome (or coming out). :o)

    P.S. My labor with Victoria began after I spent an evening shelving commercial video tapes with Tim at KPTV in Portland. You probably can't do that. But labor with James began after I used a roller-type foot massage thingy in the evening while watching TV. It was made of wood (the foot massager, not the TV); don't know if you have anything like that handy. But you could have your hubby massage your feet, and, of course, Elliot will come when he's ready.

  3. Won't be long! So happy to hear that all is well - not that there was any doubt, of course - and that the spoon was right yet again - not that there was any doubt about that either!

    I will keep my eye on Summer's blog, just as always, for news. And maybe we'll meet in July!

  4. Modern medicine and all it's acutrements...after these last two years I have had enough of them. I admire your tenacity to try to do it the way you both feel is best and to choose your battles. Blessing on the birth of your second son.

  5. in response to your comment on my blog...i'm not worried, your body seems to like to keep the bun in the oven longer than anyone i know. we'll just all have to learn how to be patient.